Skip to content was the website of the describing a Baptist event in 2010.  This event happened in Honolulu in Hawaii between the 28th of July and 1st of August 2010. This fantastic occasion was marked with the singing of many songs through the main sessions and the congress band accompanied.  A couple of the songs were Amazing grace and Total Praise.

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Hawaii to Dubai – dogs in transit

It was recently when some friend who had been living in Dubai working in the financial institutions came back t the UK as one of them was offered a higher paid position back in London. They had only been in Dubai for a few years so the costs associated with firstly moving there and then returning home appeared very high when calculating the overall financial gain but there was one cost that truly astronomical. Whilst in Dubai they decided to get a dog and then because they were at work for long hours they opted to get another as a companion for the first dog when they were at work. Now  I appreciate that many people spend a lot of money on their pets and when pets are ill or missing then no expense is spared in their recuperation or finding the lost cat or dog. But who would have thought that the cost to relocate two dogs from Dubai to England through the official path of quarantine would be £9000. I could not believe my ears when I found out but it enlightened me on should I ever emigrate to make sure that I don’t have pets unless someone else is paying!