The Honolulu, Hawai’i Venue and Facilities

Honolulu was selected as the Congress location because of its proximity to the Asian mainland and for its excellent facilities. In some parts of Asia, the church is among the fastest growing in the world. This is a story the global Baptist family needs to hear and experience.

Click to register now or get more details!Honolulu offers a beautiful meeting facility in the Hawai’i Convention Center with large open gathering places for new and old friends to meet, and attractive meeting rooms for Bible studies, worship, and focus groups. The Hawai’i Convention Center is conveniently located near local hotels, a large shopping mall for affordable meals, and within walking distance of the Waikiki beaches.

Honolulu is home to a small Baptist community that extends a warm Aloha welcome to our BWA family. The BWA will help Baptists in Hawai’i feel part of the larger family of God called the Baptist World Alliance.

We will also join Hawaiian Baptists in ministries to a large homeless population living on the islands, as well as in the ministry of evangelism to those who feel they already live in paradise and have no need for Christ in their lives.

We hope you can join us in Hawai’i.…

Experience the Aloha of the Spirit of God

The 20’th Baptist World Congress in Hawai’i is an opportunity for Baptists from all over the world to join together for a life-transforming time as collectively we listen to the Spirit of God. The BWA represents a community of 105 million Baptists in more than 200 conventions and unions from more than 100 countries.

Hawai’i is the ideal venue for such a meeting as the trade winds remind us that God’s path is like that of the wind – it may be traced but never predicted. It will be exciting to see what new thing God will do among us through the movement of his Spirit.

You are invited to come to the Congress to:

Celebrate the news of God’s unchanging love
Worship the living God with heartfelt praise in a variety of styles
Fellowship as we give expression to our unity as Baptists
Evangelize as we seek to equip the church to reach out to the lost
Seek justice as, together, we fight for human rights and religious liberty
Support mercy ministries, as Baptist World Aid responds to people in need
Be moved by meeting new friends from around the world whose mission you can support
through prayer and personal experience
Explore what new call and challenge the Spirit of God may lay upon your heart and life
Share through the performing and creative arts the intuitive presence of the Spirit of God

Come and hear what the Spirit is saying to you! …

Welcome to the 20th Baptist World Congress

Already you can “Hear the Spirit” calling to God’s family known as Baptists. It is a world-wide call to fellowship, study, worship, serve, and be made new. It has always been the life-style of God’s Spirit to create something new. Come to Hawai’i and let’s hear together what new thing God wants to create new with all of us.…